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Complete services in investment development

REFLEX-PRO spol. s r.o. offers complex services to clients in the field
investment construction

Quality engineering and solutions for you

The company has know-how at designing new
complete industrial plants for various purposes: power industry,
chemical industry, paper industry, engineering industry and automobile
industry. Very important operation areas
of our company are civil constructions,
especially for social and vacation purposes,
as well as administration and commercial centers.

1. Industrial buildings
2. Civil buildings
3. Water management structures
4. Expert assessments
Projects in Slovakia
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Projects abroad
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Tailored services for you

With respect to human resources and experience of the company, our effort is to receive orders in which we can offer the clients complex design and engineering services as a general designer, or the so called supplier of turnkey constructions.

Choosing a suitable location

Assistance in selecting and obtaining a suitable site for construction

Processing of project documentation

Comprehensive processing of project documentation and its approval by state administration authorities

Evaluating the merits of proposals

Preparation of a study for the intended construction work with a comprehensive evaluation of the merits of the selected proposals

Documentation of the actual construction

Elaboration of documentation of the actual construction

The mission of

The long-term aim - the commitment of REFLEX-PRO, spol. s r.o. is to become a requested company for delivering services in field of capital construction not only on slovak but also on european markets.

We thoroughly understand that in the field of our operation the path to european market passes through cooperation with renowned foreign engineering companies.